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General Introduction

Rubber magnets (Flexible rubber magnet) are compound materials made by mixing ferrite magnet powder and rubber. Pressing or rolling makes the finished flexible rubber magnet. Because the material has good plasticity, the finished flexible rubber magnets or semi-manufactured flexible rubber magnets can incise, stiletto, slit or back up other materials randomly, have good antisepsis and difficult demagnetization. The raw materials are plentiful, so the price is lower. Rubber magnets are natural rubber magnets or isomer rubber magnets. Natural rubber magnets have weak magnetism, are used on iceboxes, presswork and marketing and promotion premiums. Isomer rubber magnets have strong magnetism, and are used in such applications as micro-motors and magnet toys.

What shapes can it be formed?

Rubber magnet, flexible rubber magnet

rubber magnet,flexible rubber magnet
rubber magnet,fridge magnet rubber magnet,fridge magnet
rubber magnet,fridge magnet rubber magnet, fridge magnet
rubber magnet,fridge magnet rubber magnet, fridge magnet
Typical Magnetic properties of Flexible rubber magnet
Material Iso / Anisotropic Remanence Coercive Force Intrinsic Coercive Force Max. Energy Product
Br Hcb Hcj (BH)max
mT Gs kA/m Oe kA/m Oe KJ/m3 MGOe
FRM-5 Isotropic 165+/-10 1,650+/-100 108+/-8 1,350+/-100 132+/-8 1,650+/-100 5.2+/-0.4 0.65+/-0.05
FRM-6 Isotropic 170+/-10 1,700+/-100 112+/-8 1,400+/-100 136+/-8 1,700+/-100 5.6+/-0.4 0.70+/-0.05
FRM-8 Semi-aniso 220+/-5 2,200+/-50 136+/-8 1,700+/-100 160+/-8 2,000+/-100 8.0+/-0.4 1.00+/-0.05
FRM-11 Anisotropic 245+/-5 2,450+/-50 140+/-8 1,750+/-100 148+/-8 1,850+/-100 11.2+/-0.4 1.40+/-0.05
FRM-12 Anisotropic 247.5+/-2.5 2,475+/-25 168+/-8 2,100+/-100 224+/-8 2,800+/-100 12.0+/-0.4 1.50+/-0.05

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