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Ultrasonic Cleaner - Industry Series

Choose your Ultrasonic Cleaner from following Ultrasonic Cleaners Industry Series


 industry ultrasonic cleaner  industry ultrasonic cleanerindustry ultrasonic cleaner

We supply all size of ultrasonic cleaners which are used industry and home. We can also manufacture Ultrasonic Cleaners according to your requirement.

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Ultrasonic cleaning technology has been proven to be the most efficient method of removing contaminants; such as grease, oil, wax, fluxes, fingerprints, oxides and other deposits from visible and invisible surfaces, holes and cracks. In general, if an item can be cleaned with liquid, it can be cleaned much faster and more thoroughly with an ultrasonic cleaner.

Ultrasonic cleaners are widely used in a variety of cleaning applications, from cleaning
jewelry, medical equipment to micro circuitry and spacecraft parts and assemblies.

Dailymag serves the industry and home application with a wide range of ultrasonic cleaners.

Applications of our Ultrasonic Cleaners:

MEDICAL FIELD: Surgical and Dental Instruments, used for Endoscopy, Pathology and Glass instruments, Dental Mouth Mirrors, civets, prostheses, Breathing Apparatus, Masks and Valves, Laboratory instruments, Slides Test Tubes, Sieves, Pipette & Mops and a host of other things.

ELECTRONICS: PCBs Relays, Capacitors, and Semiconductors. Micro-Switches, Meters, Ceramic parts, Connectors, Switch Gears, Generators, Thermostats and electronic Guidance Systems, Aviation aids and Print Heads, CD, DVD, etc.,

HOTEL INDUSTRY: Porcelain Dishes, Stainless Steel, Glass ware-Whisky & Beer Glass, Decorative serving dishes, Cutlery, Fruits, Vegetables & Meat etc.,

OPTICAL: Spectacles, Lenses, Prisms, Mirrors, Frames, Microscopes, Binoculars, Cameras, Telescopes, Shutters, and Fiber Optics. etc.,

Plating Pre cleaning of all items like Gold, Silver, Nickel, Chrome & copper before and after plating.

Automobile: Carburetors, Fuel Injection Systems, Bearings, Pistons, Engine Blocks, Valve Bodies, Brakes, Components for transmissions & steering parts, etc.,

Watch & jewelry: Watch straps, Watch cases, Watch parts, Ornaments, Precious and semi precious stones, Medals, Coins, etc.,

General: wire drawing Dies, Tools, Moulds, Measuring instruments, Gear mechanisms, Pumps, Chains, Scissors, Polymer Filter, Fire Extinguishers, Drawing pens, Micro tips, Fossils, Geological & Archaeological specimens, Musical Instruments, Typewriter Components, Wires & Dies, painting brushes, pedicure, Mini cure etc. Etc.,

Exclusive: Extraction of coke, Beer, Hydrocarbon and from other enzymes. Dilution of whisky, Condensation of wines. De – gassing of liquids. Mixing of Cosmetic liquids. Homogenization of mixtures cleaning of whisky and beer bottles etc.

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