Holding Magnet & Retrieving Magnet

Holding Magnet & Retrieving Magnet
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Holding Magnet & Retrieving Magnet

Holding and Retrieving Magnets are excellent for retrieving sunken iron objects from water, oil or other liquids. They work as a cleaner in the tanks to clean up iron objects, such as nails, screws, nuts, bolts and more.

Holding and Retrieving Magnets (Holding Magnet)

They are like handle magnets, with a eyebolt at the top. Holding magnets have a wide range of sporting, household, commercial and industrial uses

They are excellent for retrieving  sunken iron objects from water, oil or other liquids. They work as a cleaner in the tanks to clean up iron objects, such as nails, screws, nuts, bolts and more. You can separate metal pieces from non-magnetic material with them very easily.

We supply various sizes for customers. You can call for detail.

Item No. 231025
Handle  magnet  lifts  up  to  25  lbs. 

Item No. 231050
Handle  magnet  lifts  up  to  50  lbs. 

Item No. 231100
Handle  magnet  lifts  up  to  100  lbs. 

Item No. 231150
Handle  magnet  lifts  up  to  150  lbs. 

Item No. 231225
Handle  magnet  lifts  up  to  225  lbs.


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Retrieving magnets:

Retrieving magnets are strong magnets of high magnetic strength that are usually used to retrieve the lost metal objects. These magnets have a very efficient attraction that they can easily attract, attach and hold ferromagnetic objects. Retrieving magnets are used at various sites for recovering and carrying things. For example, pipes, hoses, nosels, and other wiring stuff can be positioned in the required place with the help of these magnets. Many under-water retrieving magnets of very high strength are used to recover the metallic objects from water wells, pipes, holes, and the marine environment. A magnet performs the primary function. Simultaneously, other components such as an iron hook, bolt, or even plastic handles are also articulated along the magnets to facilitate the retrieving process from the far side. Retrieving magnets are considered a beneficial tool that helps find lost or hidden precious metals. Our retrieving magnets are of high strength and quality. We provide our customers with a wide range of retrieving magnets that can be used for multi-purposes. Our whole range is in stock and available at a very affordable price. We appreciate your visiting our outlets to choose the best magnetic product of your desire.


A retrieving magnet is a widely used tool at garages, pools, marine hunting, and dwelling to find hidden or lost metal objects. The quality of these magnets should be the very best because these magnets are used under slightly harsh conditions, i.e., under the water and in inaccessible places. Our retrieving magnets have the following specific characteristics which make them durable and reliable for along use:

  • A permanent magnet of strong magnetic attraction is present at the base of the tool.
  • The magnet block is further attached or encased into a steel coating to protect the magnet.
  • The upper part of the steel case contains a small hole with threading for the attachment of hooks or eye-bolts of appropriate size. 
  • The hook or eye-bolt is fixed at the top of the device to facilitate its hanging with a rope.
  • The marine or under-water retrieving magnets contain polyvinyl chloride covering instead of the steel body. 


A retrieving magnet containing a very attractive magnet at its base can attract and hold objects from few pounds to more than 250 lbs. Upper to the magnet lies a steel welded covering that keeps the magnet into it. This covering also prevents the magnet from demagnetization and cracks. The upper surface of this covering contains a hole with inner threading. Nuts or eye-bolts can be fixed into it. The magnet tied with a rope descended to the depth from where the material has to be retrieved. After retrieval, the magnet is pulled out via rope. The objects attached to the metal surface are then separated by giving a gentle and slight twisting pull.

Our retrieving magnets range:

Retrieving magnets always remain in high demand because of their benefits. We manufacture a wide range of best quality magnet retrievers in three main categories: Standard retrieving magnets, Marine or under-water retrieving magnets, and Super strength retrieving magnets. 

  • The standard magnets are commonly used to retrieve everyday metal objects such as outboard motors, metal toolboxes, and household metal equipment, etc. These are available in either black or red color. These magnets can also be used at industrial and commercial scales to sort and separate metal objects from others. The ceramic and other permanent magnets used in this retriever are strong enough to resist humidity, high temperature and uplift up to 300lbs weight. 
  • The under-water retrieving magnets also contain heavy magnets and a body covered with high-quality PVC. This plastic covering prevents the magnet from rusting and any crack. These magnets are most appropriate for retrieving the lost gadgets from wells, hoses, pipes, and marine beds. 
  • The super-strength retrieving magnets are super strong as they can withstand the comparatively high weight. Their bodies are also intact and covered, making them resistant to scratches, cracks, and chipping. These magnets, however, cannot be used under moist and extremely high temperatures. 

Product type

Basic characteristics

Size/dimensions (inches)


Under water retrieving magnet

It contains an intact and strong plastic coating.

Plastic handles to pull the magnet up.

It can also work under high temperature up to 300oC

7(L)X 6(W)X 3(H)


80 ponds

3.5(L)X  3(W)X 2.7(H)

200 lbs

Heavy duty magnets for retrieval

Covered with red colored plastic.

Contain two or three bars of magnets at their base.

Has bolts or hooks at one side.

1.7(L)X  0.6(W)X 0.8(H)

18 lbs

2.4(L)X  3(W)X 0.7(H)

40 lbs

2.4(L)X  2.5(W)X 1.2(H)

100 lbs

5(L)X  2(W)X 1(H)

150 lbs

Super-strength retrieving magnet

It contain holes at the top for bolts, nuts or hook.

Available in red and black color

5(L)X 2(W)X 2(H)

225 lbs


Besides this wide range, you can also send us a quotation for a customized retrieving magnet of your desired magnetic strength and design. The charges of a customized magnet are slightly different that can be sorted by discussing at the point.


  • Using these magnets, one can easily retrieve magnetic objects present in scraps—the retrieved metal that can be used for many practical purposes, i.e., making metal tools. 
  • While fishing, many people leave hooks in the water that can harm the water bodies and swimmers. These hooks and other sharp objects can be retrieved out from a water bed. 
  • When garage workers disassemble any heavy machinery, they separate all the nails, screws, and bolts. If any of these tiny gadgets are lost, the reassembly of the machine becomes a challenge. This situation can easily be sorted by using a magnet retriever to find all these gadgets. 
  • Carpenters can also use a magnetic retriever to collect all the nails at their working place. These nails can be used in the next project instead of wasting them along with the sawdust.
  • These magnets also perform a superb function in search operations underwater and unclear areas to find metallic objects.
  • The people working near sea, coast, or marine sometimes lost their equipment due to an abrupt water wave surge. These tools can be retrieved using our magnets.


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