Oxford 'Coronavirus Vaccine' reversal: The effect is perfect

Oxford 'Coronavirus Vaccine' reversal: The effect is perfect

Just now, the British "Oxford-AstraZeneca" new crown vaccine once again ushered in good news!

According to a number of British media reports, a recent study led by the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom showed that the Oxford vaccine has a perfect effect and can strongly stimulate the immunity of vaccinators against the virus.

Professor Andrew Pollard, the lead researcher of the Oxford University vaccine research and development team, said in a statement:

After the FDA announced that it is safe to conduct the vaccine trial in the United States, its partner AstraZeneca will start the vaccine trial on 30,000 volunteers in the United States, bringing the number of large-scale Phase III clinical trials conducted by the team worldwide to reach 50,000 people.

"We will continue to adhere to strict security procedures, and at the same time take action as soon as possible, so as to start protecting people all over the world from this terrible virus as soon as possible."


We are also looking forward to the effect of the vaccine clinical phase III to reach expectations, so that Dailymag expects to start in March next year, the vaccine can be vaccinated in large quantities, then it can be announced that humans have overcome the new crown virus.

Therefore, we also expect that after March next year, there will be a peak demand for vaccination related medical consumables, including syringes, needles, sharps boxes and other products. We will produce enough sharp boxes for customers around the world at full capacity.