Magnetic Tool holder

Magnetic Tool holder
Item No.: 3110

Magnetic Tool holder

Magnetic tool holder is made of hard steel bars plus high quality strong magnetic pieces.

Magnetic Tool Holder Manufacturer - China Magnetic Tool Holder Manufacturer

Magnetic Tool holder, Magnetic Knife Holder

Magnetic tool holder, magnetic knife holder, magnetic knife bar

Magnetic tool holder, magnetic knife holder, magnetic knife bar


Item No.: 311018     18'' Magnetic Tool holder

Item No.: 311024     24'' Magnetic Tool holder

What is Magnetic tool holder?

Component Part: Magnetic tool holder is made of Hard plastic bars  plus high quality strong magnetic pieces.

Application: Just nail the bar to the door or wall of your kitchen or room, or attach the bar to the iron or steel filing cabinet in your office, and you can attach onto it iron and / or steel things, such as screwdriver, pliers, scissors, kitchen knives, bunches of keys, beer bottle openers…

Features: Nice appearance, convenient for application, and its magnetic power never weakens. (Magnetic tool holder, magnetic knife tool)

Size and Format: Sizes and format vary at your request.


More Dailymag Magnetic tool holder information:

A magnetic tool holder is a bar or holder with a high concentration of permanent magnet and is used to hold ferromagnetic or metallic objects. Metallic tools of different types are used in everyday life, i.e., kitchen utensils, bolts, screws, workshop tools, etc. Sometimes, it becomes hard to find the magnetic tools from a pile of other apparatus or device. Here a magnetic tool holder plays its role. Magnetic holders are readily available and can be fixed easily on a vertical surface. It makes the tools quite handy and readily available when their use is required. Magnetic tool holders can be of different forms, i.e., bars, hooks, and holders, etc. We manufacture a range of high-quality magnetic tool holders known for their durability and quality. Moreover, our products are user-friendly and cost-effective, which does not burden our customer's budget.

Structure of magnetic tool Holder:

The primary function of a magnetic tool holder depends on the permanent magnet while the tool's frame is made of steel. The steel case is manufactured in a U-shaped curved hollow strip. The shallow of the strip is stuffed with a high-quality magnet that keeps the attached equipment in place. The steel case also contains two holes to fix the device along a surface, which can be done by inserting screws or bolts in a wooden or concrete wall. We made our magnetic tool holder structure quite simple, i.e., without any tags or bright colors.


A magnetic tool holder is used to hold and keep different metal tools such as scissors, knives, scalpels, forceps, wrenches, scales, axes, etc. in their place. A magnet of high grade is used, which has strong magnetic attraction. The greater the magnetic strength, the best is the holding capacity of the tool. It is the magnetic strength that ensures the stable handling of tools.


The use of a magnetic tool holder makes the required tools radially available. It lessens the need to place metal equipment in cabinets or drawers where tool retrieval and finding are cumbersome. Our magnetic tool holder is strong enough to lift the weight of almost 9-kilo grams per inch of the tool. Following are some great characteristics that make our magnetic tool holder very useful:

  • It is made of the best grade and high-quality permanent magnets.
  • It can easily carry heavy weight without letting it drop down.
  • Magnetic tool holders can be fixed to any vertical surface.
  • It contains two holes for anchors or screws that can fix the tool holder on a wooden or concrete wall.
  • It makes the tools visible available for the user.
  • In the case of steel walls or steel rods in the wall, the durability of the magnetic tool holder.

Our range of magnetic tool holder:

We manufacture a vast range of magnetic tool holders that are appropriate to use in workshops, construction sites, and household requirements. Our best-selling product is a bar-shaped magnetic tool holder while some other forms are also manufactured, such as mag switch and corner welding type magnetic holders. The Bar type magnetic tool holders are present in different lengths, i.e., in a range of 8 inches to 24 inches. The smaller bar magnetic holder can hold small tools of moderate weight, such as scissors and forceps. The large holders of 24 or more inches can withstand heavy tools such as axes and saws.

Sometimes, the objective application of our customers requires the holders slightly different from the standard ones. In that case, we can provide our facility of tool customization

Selection of magnetic tool holder:

The selection of an appropriate magnetic tool holder depends upon its expected to use and application. Some people buy magnetic tool holders for simple household usage, while others require them for professional settings such as factories, garages, workshops, and engineering projects, etc. Therefore, some essential factors must be kept in mind while selecting the most appropriate device for your work. these factors are as follow:

  • The length of the holder is an essential factor to consider. For example, if a person wants to use the magnetic tool holder to hold a set of wrenches or keys, he may require a small device. While if one has to arrange all the essential garage tools for daily use, he should buy a larger magnetic holder.
  • The space of installation also affects the choice of magnetic holder of a specific length. Some users tend to fix magnetic holders in their automobiles or tiny closets. They can buy a smallholder with high strength.
  • The grade of the magnet should be considered because the main thing is magnetic strength.
  • The weight-bearing or lifting capacity of a magnetic tool holder should be considered to ensure proper use. If one wants to hang his saw or axe, he must buy a device with a strong lifting capacity.

What do we provide?

In one package, we provide our customers with a high-quality magnetic tool holder of their choice, extra screws, and anchors to install the device properly in their place. Moreover, a detailed instruction note is also given, containing all the dos and don’ts of the device. Although our product contains a very high-quality magnet, which can work long-lasting, we also provide a one-month guarantee to ensure the trust our customers.


Magnetic tool holders have several applications in both i.e., household and in fieldwork.

  • In general house-hold, it can be used in kitchen to hang the knives set in reach. Some people also use it to hang keys.
  • Its main use is in garages, workshops and factories where heavy metal tools such as saws, axes, hammers, scissors, and wrenches are used.

While manufacturing magnetic tool holders, we ensure a good quality so that our product can easily handle the weight of a range of tools. Magnetic tool holders can organize metal tools used in the garage, i.e., hammers, wrenches, keys, pliers, scissors, cutters, saws, and even axes. Conventionally, tools were places in cabinets or toolboxes; the whole material of the box needed to be withdrawn to find one tool. It creates a mess and also increases the chances of the tool missing. The magnetic tool holder makes all the tools available by making the theme separately visible to the user.


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