Qualtiy Training From MINISO Senior Quality Engineer

Qualtiy Training From MINISO Senior Quality Engineer

On July 23rd,  a Seniro Quality Engineer  Mr. Wong from MINISO hold a quality training for Dailymag.

As it is kown that MINISO is a Japanese style variety store offering a wide range of selected goods for the youth.  MINISO has opened more than 3,900 stores in over 70 countries and regions in just seven years,including the US, Canada, Australia, Spain, Russia, India, and Mexico (by the end of 2019).

MINISO has a very strick quality philosophy towards products, and their quality guidance will help Dailymag in  improving products ,craft and technology.

Quality is critical to satisfying Dailymag customers and retaining their loyalty, so they continue to buy from Dailymag in the future. Quality products make an important contribution to long-term revenue and profitability.

They also enable Dailymag to charge and maintain good prices.