What is a Magnetic Sweeper and Your Guide to Using a Magnetic Sweeper

What is a Magnetic Sweeper and Your Guide to Using a Magnetic Sweeper

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Your Guide to Using a Magnetic Sweeper


Are you looking for an easy way to clean the factory aisles? Or something to easily pick up metal shavings, nails, screws and more?


Magnetic sweepers exploit the power of a magnet for cleaning - and they can save you time. These machines are widely known as magnetic brooms as well. You can use such sweepers in collecting iron-made scrap and waste materials. These brooms are good to draw any metal and steel parts.  To name a few - screws, staples, iron chips, nuts, nails, shavings, tacks, metal dust, barbed wire etc.


Magnetic sweepers are very convenient for places with uneven, rugged floors. It is difficult to sweep up ferrous debris from a rough or sandy surface with a regular broom or vacuum cleaner. Sometimes the tiny pieces are invisible and difficult to locate on the floor, let alone to clean. It creates a very unsafe situation when these metal scraps lay around on the ground. But of course, there is a better way out. Magnetic sweepers are a quick and easy solution. It saves a lot of time. Plus, the workforce needs are very minimal.


Magnetic sweepers have an uncomplicated and user-friendly design. For one, you have to scroll the machine thoroughly over the area that you want to clean. The magnetic field will draw all the metal wastes inside the casing. Some machines are handled manually. For specific models, vehicles are used as a carrier to cover a larger field. Almost all brands offer a guarantee of high performance and lifetime magnetic strength.


But magnetic sweepers cannot clean anything and everything on the floor. The magnetic power doesn’t work to draw up plastic or paper wastes.


Where can you use a magnetic sweeper?


For their great features, magnetic sweepers are helpful for homeowners and industrial purposes. They are essential to a diverse range of sectors, such as:

  • Construction sites, terminals, manufacturing facilities
  • Cricket grounds, festive grounds, party lawns
  • Home garage, basement, parking lots
  • Warehouses, factory halls, workshops, distribution centers
  • Sandy camping ground, driveways and walkways and so on




Different Types of Magnetic Sweepers

Push-type Magnetic Sweeper


The key feature of standard push-type magnetic sweepers is wheels. The wheels make it hassle-free to cover a vast area or workspace. Unlike handheld brooms, these rolling machines do the job in a lesser time. Users can roll the brooms with the help of a long handle. They don't have to carry the sweeper physically. So, powerful and heavy magnets can be installed in this type of device.


Push sweepers swiftly pick up magnetic metal debris like nails, staples, bolts, screws. It ensures your service floor's safety. They are ideal for loading docks, walkways, warehouses, factory aisles. Push brooms work on a variety of surfaces like concrete, grass, asphalt, or gravel. There are options on size and weight to choose from depending on the area coverage you need.


Types of Rolling Magnetic Sweepers


  • The standard push magnetic sweeper has a minimalistic design with two small wheels.
  • The heavyduty ones are larger and more robust in size and appearance. They have an extra pair of protective wheels in the back. 


General Features


A large piece of a magnet is placed centrally under the casing of a push-type sweeper. The magnet can be 12 inches - 36 inches long. The magnetic drawing capacity of rolling brooms is exceptionally potent.


These sweepers usually have a quick-clean tray and a rubber-gripped handle. It's very effortless to discard the gathered items. All you have to do is pull back the release handle. Heavy-duty solid rubber tires make them a durable and reliable choice. Needless to say, the wheels are puncture-proof.


The casing is composed of stainless steel or aluminum. Due to the rust-resistant components, these sweepers are equally serviceable outdoors. The casing is technically built with non-magnetic metals. This way the collected items don't stick to the upper parts of the broom. Or else it will be quite a mess. Plus, the force of the magnetic field remains concentrated in a downward direction. The magnetic capacity of a rolling sweeper varies between 28lb -238lb.


Hang-type Magnetic Sweeper


Hang-type magnetic sweepers are ideally designed to be suspended from different vehicles. They are also known as FOD Magnets (Foreign Object Debris). These hanging brooms save costly tires from mishaps like blowout or puncture wounds.


Iron scraps, nails, metal shards are potential hazards that can cause flat tire issues. You may want to hang one of these sweepers from the eyebolt anchors of a forklift or any similar vehicle. It stays one step ahead to protect the automobile from any contamination. This hanging sweeper cleans any dangerous metallic element that comes in the way. The magnet can accumulate different sizes of materials from all surface types.


The cleaning process after use is a no-sweat job. You can take a glove or shop towel to wipe off the magnet. These sweepers are perfect for roads, parking lots, ramp areas, and distribution hubs. Many industries and construction sites also use them. They are compatible with service vehicles, forklifts, bobcats, tractors and many more.


General Features


Hanging magnetic sweepers are made of steel and aluminum. They have a pair of pre-installed eye bolts and a suspension chain for easy mounting. Most of the models have a robust built-in grade 8 ceramic magnet, available at lengths of 36, 48, 60 and 72 inches.


The durability of these sweepers is unquestionable. They are very lightweight and easily portable. You have to pull back the releasing lever to dump the collected fragments safely.


The magnetic pulling capacity of these cleaners varies somewhere between 45 lbs - 130 lbs. Often, skid bars are set at the base of hang-type sweepers to increase the device's security.


Forklift Magnetic Sweepers


Forklift magnetic sweepers are typically custom-made for forklift or pallet trucks. They have special attachments to fit in the fork tines of a truck. Forklifts are industrial trucks used for maneuvering materials within the site. Often the loaded articles fall off the truck and can cause flat tires. Not only that, the sharp metal scraps can physically injure the workers and the customers.


Forklift magnets come to the rescue in this situation. These sweepers maintain safety and cut down repairing costs of equipment. Forklift sweepers clean the surface as the truck moves around an industrial site. It doesn't need any human resources or physical labor.


You can change the magnetic direction by moving the release handle. When it's time to get rid of the attached ferromagnetic objects from the magnet, you have to push down the lever. This way, the magnet shifts away from the Aluminium housing. As a result, the magnetic path ceases to work, and you can dump the unwanted metal debris on the desired area.


Once all clear, pull the handle back to replace the magnet in its position. This will activate the magnetic field again. The best part is there is no fuss about cleaning with a towel or glove.

Forklift magnetic sweepers are suitable for parking lots, airports, driveways, warehouses and factories.


General Description


Forklift sweepers have a permanent ceramic magnet ranging from 18 inches - 96 inches. The casing is made of aluminum or stainless steel. There are metal brackets installed into the bar with threaded bolts. They are known as fork pockets. It helps the sweeper slide through the fork tines of a truck or pallet.


Plus, there is a handle to fix the correct position of the magnet. There are various mounting options in different models, such as wing nuts or eye bolt anchors. The picking up capacity of the magnets in these sweepers ranges between 158lb - 853lb.


Types of Forklift Magnetic Sweepers


Eyebolt Forklift


This category has pre-mounted eyebolts that help to install the sweeper on other sides of a truck. Eyebolts widen the usage of this sweeper model on many different vehicles. In case of industrial trolleys or gantry cranes, they are suspended with a chain or rope.  


Fork Pocket Forklift


It is the standard version of forklift sweepers with two 1.8 cm (in general) fork pockets. The distance between the brackets' midpoints is 70 cm to fit into the fork tines of all forklift trucks. You can slide the magnet in the right slot and fix them manually.


Handheld Magnetic Brooms


Handheld magnetic sweepers are an excellent choice for small-scale cleaning requirements. You can go for these types of sweepers for a home workshop or garage. They will help to keep the floor free from minute metal items like paper clips, nails, swarfs, nuts, bolts etc.


It is a top pick for farriers and horse owners in the countryside to keep the stables and courtyards tidy. It eliminates the risk factor of horse injuries from sharp ferrous objects. These sweepers are perfect for metal manufacturing facilities and storage areas. One reason behind this is that such places are easy to cover manually.

The handheld magnetic sweepers have a simple design and are very easy to operate. You have to pull up the handle to the utmost level and lock it in that state. Now hold the magnet by the handle and walk over the contaminated area. You should maintain a distance of  around 4 inches between the machine and the surface. These sweepers are more effective than they look as they work in such close contact with the floor.    

The handheld magnetic brooms have a unique release mechanism. You will find a plastic collar on the handle. When you pull it upward, the magnet inside the casing rotates away from the debris surface. The magnetic circuit changes its direction. And the magnetic field's force reduces to a great extent.


As a result, all the attached elements loosen from the magnet on their own. You can perform the release process over a dustbin, so you don't have to touch the dirty stuff at all. If any fine particle still sticks to the magnet, you can wipe it off later.


As soon as the collar falls back to its original position, the machine activates again. The discharging won't take more than ten seconds. Neat, right?



General Description


Lightweight construction makes these sweepers easily portable.


There is a steel handle across the body of the sweeper. The handle is long enough to offer a good grip while carrying it around.


In general, all the handheld sweeper models use a ceramic eight permanent magnet. The magnet is 12 inches long and placed at the bottom of the casing. The pulling capacity of these sweepers is 158lb.


You don't need access to an external power source to recharge the magnet or operate the device. Permanent magnets are self-sufficient to do all the jobs.


These sweepers have a stainless steel casing that holds the magnet without any gap. Thus it provides a larger magnetic field entirely focused towards the ground.


Some of these sweeper models come with wear pads to increase their versatility. They can reach any unapproachable places like behind or under machines.



Type ALT Magnetic Sweepers


There is one more unique type of magnetic sweeper called type ALT. It is a combination of the hang-type and wheeled. The main goal of these sweepers is to provide the highest level of security. They come with special shock protection wheels. Because of that, you can run the machine over any hazardous surface like speed bumps, rocks, pipes, and dips. The shock wheels help to mop up the Foreign Object Debris. Also, the machine can resist any abuse of the floor obstruction, indoor or outdoor. The wheels protect the magnet by absorbing shock.

General Features


These kinds of sweepers are often hung from vehicles with a chain. It is also possible to add a grabbing handle. It is pretty straightforward to clean the broom and detach the wheels. The wheels are equipped with sealed bearings and are generally weatherproof. They provide years of top-notch magnetic coverage at a minimal maintenance cost. The magnet length ranges from 24 inches to 72 inches.